The Final Countdown!

The Final Countdown!

Today was the last working day of our project!

We have worked hard and had lots of fun. Our posters are completed and all our facts are straight.

Thank you to everyone that helped us and especially a big thank you to Ms. Griffin for all her encouragement.

We hope you enjoyed our project so far and we will be writing about our experience at The B.T. Young Scientist 2018 at the R.D.S.

Computer Work

Photo Gallery

If you were to check out our new photo gallery then you would be able to see how much effort (and fun) that we put into our project! The photos are mostly taken at the time of our experiments. You can get straight there by clicking this link right…. Here!


Mammals, Sight

Mammal Sight – Blog Post 2

Hello, I’m Molly and I’m in the colours and numbers group with Lauren, Conor K and Jack W. We’re testing your level of colour blindness if any. There is a circle made up of all different coloured circles with a number in the middle. There can we easy ones that can be difficult for colourblind people. Maybe you’re colourblind? We will be testing fives males and five females from 1st, 3rd and 6th class. You will come to our classroom and take an online test. We will give you a score out of 25 and what your type of colourblindness is. We will record the results in preparation for our trip to the RDS on January 12th. Did you know that boys actually have trouble seeing the colour blue and what might be bright red for you could have a purple tint to someone else. Please visit our website to find out more exciting facts about taste and sight. But don’t worry! If you have any problems with your eyes or just don’t feel comfortable doing our careful experiment, you don’t have to!.